The price of diamond jewelry is determined by various factors. What impacts diamond’s price? Read and find out!

Purchasing diamonds rings, bracelets, earrings with live stones come with its benefits because it saves time and effort in the whole buying process. However, if you have a specific diamond in mind, you need to start learning what impacts diamond’s price and how do diamond jewelry get its price.

Buying your first piece if diamond jewelry can be a little bit tricky. The process can be confusing at first and you surely don’t want to walk into a store without knowing the essentials or at least a few things first.

The price of the diamonds is determined by various factors:

  • Carat Weight – Carat size has the biggest impact on the end price of diamond jewelry. So, when trying to determine how much money you would like to spend on a diamond, the first thing you need to check is the carat size. If you are not sure what carat size are you looking for, you can consult with the professional jeweler and he will help you out.
  • Cut – Cut has an impact on the brightness, sparkle, and the beauty of the diamond. A well-cut stone is valuable and desirable when it has the tremendous and distinctive sparkle and fire. A moderately or poorly cut diamond will cost less than very good or excellent diamond.
  • Color – The better the color – the rarer and more expensive the stone will be. The colorless diamonds have a grade of D, E, and F. You need to keep in mind that different diamond shapes reflect color at various strengths. Only great online stores and websites can provide you with high-quality photos where you can see the difference in colors and help you justify the price you pay.
  • Clarity – The cleaner the diamond is, the rare it is and the price is higher.
  • Shape – The shape of the diamond can also affect the price of the diamond. Some of the most popular shapes are round, princess, emerald, cushion, oval, and radiant. The round cut diamonds are most wanted and they are also one of the most expensive ones.
  • GIA or AGS Certified – Diamonds that are certified by GIA or AGS are reliable as these two institutions have consistent and systematic ways of grading diamonds. When you purchase certified diamonds, you are paying more because the diamond’s grade is true and accurate.

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